I’m not sure if I’ve ever really introduced myself.
Hi. I’m Sarah. I am twenty six years old. I work in sales at a large bank. I own my car and home that was just renovated with my longtime boyfriend. We have been together for nine years. I have two super cute dogs, a chihuahua, and a chiweenie (dachshund\chihuahua). Soon I’m going to buy a beta fish.
I made this blog after I had a pretty serious surgery on my ankle. I couldn’t walk for months. I can walk now, never run. I wanted to find motivation to keep eating healthy.
Definitely helped! I got to my goal weight of 120 and looked/felt badass.
A healthy life is a happy life, for sure.

On a super positive note, I am now pregnant. It was planned and honestly happened the first month we tried.
We are super psyched. I’m only five weeks and I haven’t told many people.
I am a little terrified that I’m still going to get my period or miscarriage or….
I don’t know. There are too many “if’s” involved.
So, that’s it. My life is no longer my own and I’m really excited about that fish.
In considering naming the fish waffles.

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